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Four years ago we bought our new home.  It came with a beautiful garden. At first I neglected it.  In our second year I realized I loved gardening.  When I took on the mantle of family gardener, I threw myself … Read More

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With the loss of my husband Lorne’s father in 2016, and my own father recovering from a series of small strokes (he is doing great and back in full swing with his speaking and writing), the year was marked by … Read More

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Almost four years ago my husband Lorne and I bought a home with a beautiful garden. I loved looking at the garden, but wondered, “Whose going to take care of it?” “That’ll be your job,” Lorne and I each thought of … Read More

Pause: Your Responses

My last post on hitting the pause button in my life hit a chord!  I got a flood of responses from you and enjoyed reading every one. Thank you for sharing your reflections with me. The piece reflected on this last year, … Read More


I’ve learned in life, sometimes it takes slowing down to speed up.

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Stepping Out

For the last year I’ve dialed back my professional life to move forward on multiple home life and family fronts. As I peak my head back out into my business world, I’m exploring how this last year has changed me, and how my personal transformation will influence my work on culture.

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