What Our Clients Are Saying

"This is definitely the high point of Myke's and my 32 years of ownership of Longfellow. The Culture Company has unleashed a wonderful supernova of energy at Longfellow & our revenue has significantly increased as a result.  The Culture Company's guidance in helping us identify our core values and engage our staff around core values, makes everything we do, everything, clearer and easier.  The core values have become a filter that guides all of our actions at Longfellow. I've never heard every member of the team be so positive."

Laury Hammel

Founder and CEO, Longfellow health clubs

"The Culture Company provided valuable advice for our Levi Strauss & Co. team as we evolved our storytelling brand culture. Their experience outside our business category enabled our team at Levis to transcend our paradigms for communicating with each other. Telling stories that shape people's understanding of business issues has been liberating. The trainer was interesting, surprising and funny while being level-headed and calm. I recommend working with The Culture Company if your company needs to change its culture and develop new thinking patterns."

Michael Perman

Former Director of Consumer Insights, Levi Strauss & Co.

"Alicia Korten inspired us to walk into a bigger vision. We are still talking about the conference she facilitated a year later."

Jorge Ventocilla

Member, Hispanic Access Foundation

The Culture Company's work positioned us for significant growth.  We doubled our revenue following our work together. When we hired the Culture Company, we faced a major transition in our organizational leadership and a changing market for our core services.  The Culture Company facilitator was able to quickly and effectively absorb relevant information, identify the pitfalls in our standard approach, help us identify our Core Values & Purpose, consider new directions and raise key questions to us in a sensitive and effective manner.

David Levi

CEO, GrowthWorks Capital, Ltd Verite, Chairman of the Board

"The Culture Company led trainings with my staff at the Longfellow Children's Center on the company's Core Values. The work has been transformative. For the first time as a manager I feel like my staff looks forward to doing something different.  They all talk about the Core Values.  They've created groups to brainstorm how to bring them to life.  They created a kids curriculum to teach our kids what Longfellow is doing to bring our Core Values (service, community etc.) to life.  The kids love it.  My staff is so excited by this culture change process that they are giving it a life of their own. I feel the people I work for really care about me because they have brought this wonderful woman to us.  The Culture Company has been outstanding."

Karen Mahoney

Executive Director, Longfellow’s Children’s Center

The Culture Company strategist was extraordinary.  She has a tremendous mind, heart, vision and capacity to lead, inspire and give space for letting a group find its way.

Richard Perl

Chief Operating Officer, Terracycle Former Board Member, Verite

"Alicia Korten helped Mary's Gone Crackers to thrive. She led inspiring employee retreats resulting in stronger brand identity, increased group cohesion,  a clear company purpose and core values, and much artistry, education and fun.  She translated the results of the seminars into action. She clarified the Mary's Gone Cracker's story and messaging; played an important role in constructing the new website, and keeping us all on message. She directed a video capturing a compelling consumer story about Mary's Gone Crackers. She is a fabulous writer and editor and has an uncanny ability to listen and pull the poetry out of a person and get it onto the page. I highly recommend the Culture Company. Alicia Korten and The Culture Company will add tremendous value to any organization."

Mary Waldner

Founder and Chair of the Board, Mary’s Gone Crackers

"The Culture Company facilitator/strategist was among the best I have worked with.  She aligned our association behind a clear purpose and set of values that has helped us to thrive.  She was strategic, results-oriented and able to think on her feet and worked with a contentious, divisive board with humor and grace. The Culture Company would be a great asset to any company."

Kathryn Burton

Former Interim-CEO, APIC

For Indie Philanthropy, working with Alicia Korten meant having the opportunity to articulate our personal values with the mission and work of our organization. Alicia’s approach to messaging and culture infused our journey with meaning, energy and purpose. Alicia understands how our minds and hearts work together to motivate us towards positive action. It is from this place that she was able to guide the people in my organization to their highest selves. Matching meaning to message is the culture that Alicia creates with her clients. It’s a journey I cannot recommend enough.”

Arianne Schaffer
Executive Director, Indie Philanthropy