Stepping Out

For the last year I’ve dialed back my professional life to move forward on multiple home life and family fronts. As I peak my head back out into my business world, I’m exploring how this last year has changed me, and how my personal transformation will influence my work on culture.

This Thursday, I’m kicking off this new phase of my life with a one minute speech for an innovative international women’s networking organization called Hubdot.  In that one minute I’ll be sharing more of the life story that has propelled me to my work transforming culture in organizations

If you are a woman living near the DC area, you might want to join me at this un-networking event. This Thursday, April 21st there will be an amazing group of 300 woman gathering for authentic connections at Anthropologie in Georgetown.

 What’s cool is that women are stripped of their labels of “CEO” or “Stay-At-Home-Mom”, “Senior” or “Junior” and are allowed to connect to other women through their stories and state of mind. Conversations begin with “What is your story?” not “What do you do?“. 

Come get real with me on Thursday. 

Here’s more info on Hubdot and the event:

Since Hub Dot’s beginning in London in 2012, it has grown to 17,000 women worldwide, in cities like Barcelona, Milan, Luxembourg, Edinburgh, Rome, Athens, Berlin, Dubai, Portland, Houston and here in DC!  Hub Dot has also recently launched an online platform to help women in every city across the globe to connect –

To learn more about Hub Dot, see more on Hub Dot at, check out their facebook page “Hub Dot”, watch the quick video and read more of Hubdot’s local DC story at local story in Posh 7 Magazine.

When?  Thursday, April 21st 2016 at 7:00 PM

Who?  Women only

Where? Anthropologie/ 3222 M Street NW/ Washington DC

Tickets are available here.

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