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Alicia and the Culture Company team are leading voices on igniting engaged, values-led culture. 

Inspire Your Audience

Virtual & in-person interactive keynotes energize &

educate your audience.

Build an Engaged Workforce 

Virtual & in-person workshops align organizations behind common values and goals.

Retain & Ignite Your Talent

Engaged, values-led culture keeps your people motivated.


"I was blown away by the experience. Alicia has a brilliant mind and a huge heart. I left ready to take culture action."

Natalie Taylor Kapoulas 

OPX / Work Better Day


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"Alicia's passion for the power of values-led work is infectious! Her session was energizing, fun, even joyful. I left inspired to act. She gave us concrete tools for building a culture of highly-productive, values-led teams."

Jim Schulman 

Alliance for Regional Cooperation


Values-Led Cultue Video


The pandemic has left many workers burned out, struggling with loss and seeking deeper meaning and purpose at home and at work. Against this backdrop, employees seeking change in their lives are fueling trends like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting.


How do employers respond to current workplace dynamics in a way that not only inspires their diverse workforce to stay--but also creates a culture where people work at their best?

In this interactive keynote, you will learn the six principles that underpin successful culture Initatives in the post-pandemic era. you will hear stories of leader successes and failures and have an opportunity to practice one of the most important success principles for launching your culture initiative. Putting the six principles to work will ensure your organization meets the future with confidence. 

The Six Principles of Highly Successful Culture Initiatives 

Expect to Learn:

  • The six principles that underpin highly successful culture initiatives.

  • The most common mistake leaders make when implementing culture initiatives.

  • The most effective way to start a culture initiative.

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"Alicia inspired us to walk into a bigger vision. We are still talking about the conference she 

facilitated a year later."

Jorge Ventocilla

Hispanic Access Foundation

Create Powerful Workplace Culture with Values Storying

Stories inspire, educate and connect us to what is important. Yet most organizations are rich in experience but poor in stories. When people connect through stories, they form a heart-connection and learn one another's points of view. New understanding and empathy act as transformative agents that build trust, align teams, and galvanize staff, leaders and other stakeholders around common goals. 

Expect to Learn:

  • The science-based reasons stories shape culture and build authentic community.

  • Methods for creating a storytelling culture in your organization.

  • How companies are using stories for success.

Values-Led Cultures 

In a world experiencing massive change, values provide you and your organization clear direction. Connecting to values helps you understand what is most important. Consistent adherence to values provides a competitive advantage building loyalty among customers and your workforce. 

Expect to Learn:

  • Why values create more loyal customers.

  • How values build engaged, aligned and loyal teams.

  • How to find and translate values into aligned and strategic leadership decisions.​​​

  • A model for using values to navigate change.


Create Your Resilient Culture 

To build resiliency in turbulent conditions, organizations need meaningful shifts in how teams relate to one another. Strengthen your team's ability to move with aligned action to successfully navigate rapidly evolving landscapes by connecting to values.


Teams explore turbulence in their environments, learn why a values-led management style builds resiliency, and explore how to use personal and organizational values to align daily decision-making.

Expect These Outcomes:

  • Insights into how to create resilient teams in the midst of turbulence. 

  • Understanding of what is most important to you and your teammates.

  • Greater team cohesion to build team resiliency. 

  • Stories that bring shared team values to life.

"I absolutely loved Alicia's presentation. It brought to life real examples of brands we know and follow and how they are bringing values to the marketplace. The models and case studies were enlightening." 

Sana Rasul  

HR Girlfriends

Facilitate High-Engagement Meetings with Values Storying 

The modern meeting has been inspiration for endless Dilbert cartoons and cynical jokes. That pain and lost time has real consequences for organizations.


Yet humans have been gathering since we were hunters and gatherers to talk about what is most important to us. How do we recapture the power of meeting in the modern age?


Your presenter Alicia Korten spent several years working with the Guna Indigenous People in Panama who run their meetings through stories. Through this work, she learned the power of story to quickly connect people to what matters most to them. Through a process Alicia calls Values Storying, you can breathe life back into your meetings.

Expect These Outcomes:

  • Build connection and empathy among teammates.​​​

  • Understand the neuroscience behind why stories shape culture.

  • Learn and practice methods for running your meetings using Values Storying.

  • Leave with tools to breathe life into your next meeting.

  • Start your organizational Story Well to share stories told at future meetings.

Retain & Align Your Workforce in a Post-Pandemic Environment  

The pandemic shifted the priorities of the US workforce. Over the last few years, workers have experienced unparalleled levels of loss. At the same time, many have had more time to reflect. in response, are seeking meaningful change at home and at work. 


In today's high-opportunity environments, how do you build a high-retention culture that inspires your diverse workforce to stay? How do you keep the Great Resignation from wreaking havoc on your organization?

Studies from Harvard and Google reveal that the number one factor that creates cohesive and highly-productive cultures is shared norms to which people adhere. In this innovative and interactive workshop, participants experience a co-creative process for defining the norms and behaviors that inspire people to stay at your organization and work at their best.


Expect These Outcomes: 

  • Shared norms that help your team align behind agreed upon behaviors and expectations.

  • Greater team cohesion to help your team reach its next level of performance.

  • Greater sense of connection to your teammates.​​​

  • Stories and rituals that bring shared norms to life.

Build Values-Led Habits 

For values to thrive in your life or organization, they need to drive daily behavior. Values flourish when the micro-decisions being made across your organization support your core values. 


In this workshop, you learn the skill of mindful action. To move from autopilot to mindful values-led action, you learn to break down key behaviors into micro steps. By bringing your attention to each micro step, you can build new values-led behaviors. Over-time these behaviors become habits. 

Expect These Outcomes:

  • Understanding of why values-led habits are critical to successful culture.

  • Knowledge of the science of habits and how to build them.

  • Greater ability to turn off autopilot and lead with values in daily action.​​​

  • Stronger values-led behaviors within your team or organization.

Cultivate Your Innovator Mindset 

The Culture Company is partnering with Orange Grove Nine to offer this unique Innovator Mindset training. Teach your teams skills for mindful innovation and awakening creativity while solving a values-led design challenge. Grounded in neuroscience, participants receive learning cards with clear session takeaways. Watch this 90-second video to learn more. 

Expect These Outcomes: 

  • Enhanced team creativity for breakthrough ideas.

  • Memorable experiences that lead to greater team cohesion.

  • Breakthrough ideas solving a defined values-led design challenge.

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"I am so grateful to have engaged Alicia and Orange Grove Nine in multiple workshops to build an innovator mindset. Each workshop was mind-expanding, multi-sensory, and impactful in reminding us all about our power within and how sharing stories connects us and helps build strong relationships that push us all forward together." 

Peter Newell  


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