Great organizations are loved by customers and employees. We build values-driven culture that inspires.

Take Our Survey to Benchmark Culture

Identify Values & Align Your Culture

Live Values to Lead Your Industry

What You Get

The Culture Company's offerings will help you build your enduring, high-performance culture. 

  • Take our culture survey and benchmark 24 culture parameters.

  • Identify your core values and learn why knowing what you believe in is the secret to successful culture.

  • Develop and sustain a culture blueprint that works, including engaging staff for long-term impact.

  • Align culture with brand through customer experiences that support your brand promise.

  • Train staff in core culture competency skill sets such as mindfulness, empathy, listening and facilitation.

Ways to Engage

Take Our Survey to Benchmark Culture

Start with our Organizational Values & Culture Survey to diagnose and quantify culture performance across your organization. The assessment includes an easy-to-read dashboard to track results. Add facilitated sessions to your package to integrate insights across your team.

Use this proven survey to:

  • Benchmark 24 culture parameters and measure culture shifts over-time.

  • Measure degree to which mission and values are lived within your organization.

  • Harness the collective intelligence of your workforce to make faster, higher quality decisions.

  • Integrate perspectives across departments for aligned action.

  • Spot early warning signs such as breakdowns in trust that could lead to reduced performance and higher turnover.

  • Build the will of key stakeholders to act on common culture priorities. 

Identify Values & Align Your Culture

Leverage our Values Ignite Program to use the moment you identify your values to build organization-wide unity. In this program, you create a map that codifies your desired values that will become your organizational constitution.


Instead of trying to enroll your workforce after you have your values in hand, you build organization-wide commitment to live your values as you discover them. Combining creative design with data-driven methodologies, the Culture Company guides your organization through a discovery process that lifts spirits, engages staff, and creates opportunities for trust and new relationships to form.

All participants receive the Values Ignite Guidebook.


Live Values to Lead Your Industry

Use our Values Sustain Program to help your workforce live your organizational values. You build policies and strengthen capacity to act from values. Methodologies break down silos, align teams and build ownership in culture initiatives across your organization. 


Each participant receives the Values Sustain Guidebook.


SUSTAIN Case Bound.jpg

Launch the Conscious Creators Learning Experience. The Culture Company is partnering with Orange Grove Nine to offer this unique training and consulting program. Teach your teams skills for mindful innovation and awakening creativity while solving a values-driven design challenge. Grounded in neuroscience, participants receive learning cards with clear session takeaways.


Watch this 90-second video to learn more. 

Values Drive 


Values are beliefs that drive your daily decision-making. They are nouns that tell you what you will live by. Community, Speed, Quality and Innovation are all values.

Conflict arises when values are unspoken. Then everyone operates from a different set. By bringing your organizational values center stage, your workforce synchronizes. Silos break down. 

We help you build values into three levels of your system: the individual, team and organization. The result? Positive large-scale impact.


Individuals learn skills and receive coaching for creating high-trust, collaborative relationships.


Leadership team meetings build trust and alignment around core values and culture strategy.


Tribal activities generate fresh thinking, harness collective intelligence and unleash passion to live values organization-wide.

Our story-based methodologies ground your organizational culture in real life. 

Your culture is built on the stories that employees and customers share. The why I want to work here stories. The how we work together stories. The why I love your brand stories. We create opportunities for staff and customers to tell stories that forge values-driven culture that lasts.