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Four Programs to Choose from to Create Your Values-Led Culture Loved by Employees & Customers 


Survey Staff to Create Your Culture Map.


Take the 100 Days to Ignite Culture Challenge


Define & Ignite Organizational Values

Define & Build Ownership of Organizational Values


Sustain the Values

You Have

"The work we did with the Culture Company had a profound impact on how we operate today. Today, every one of our employees knows our values. Our growth over the past five years has exceeded industry average every year. I believe this is because we have a united passion, and an identity that resonates with our members. "

Karen Rosales

Arlington Community Federal Credit Union

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Sample Data

Core Values & Culture Survey

Program #1:
Create Your Culture Road Map

Harness your collective intelligence
Use data to drive your culture decisions
Is your executive team having trouble aligning behind a culture plan? Our Core Values & Culture Survey makes your decision-making process simple. Learn what is most important to act on now to keep and ignite your talent.
  • Build the will of key stakeholders to act on common culture challenges.


  • Measure 24 key areas of your culture including unity, productivity and adaptability. Then use our easy-to-read dashboard to track progress over-time.


  • Integrate perspectives within or across departments for aligned action.

  • Identify Job Motivation Drivers that provide metrics on why your people stay and why they leave. 

  • Spot early warning signs that could lead to reduced performance and higher turnover.

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"Our work together helped all of us to thrive."

Mary Waldner

Mary's Gone Crackers

Program #2

Program #2:
100 Days to Ignite Culture

Refresh & align
Get your teams rolling

Are your teams burned out? Are you losing staff? 100 Days to Ignite Culture is the program for you.This signature program leads with our Core Values & Culture Survey and adds facilitated online or in person community conversations so teams can act on results.

Alicia leveraged her fifteen years of experience to craft this program. Our 100-Day Culture Challenge is your fastest path to engaged culture.
Laury Hammel.jpeg

"This is definitely the high point of my 30 years of ownership of the Clubs. The Culture Company unleashed a supernova of energy at our Clubs and revenue significantly increased as a result. The core values have become a filter that guides all our actions."

Laury Hammel 

Longfellow Health Clubs

Program #3

All participants get a copy of the

Values Ignite curriculum.

Program #3:
Ignite Your Values

Stay focused
Know your value proposition

Don't yet have a clear set of values guiding your organization? The Values Ignite Program not only clarifies, it ignites.


In this foundational program, teams or organizations co-create a Values Declaration.


It's easy to write a Values Declaration. What is hard is to lead a process that creates excitement across teams to live your values. Working with us, we show you how to ignite your values for action.

Annie Moyer 2.jpeg

"The Program led by Alicia Korten helped lift up and align our staff around our unique offerings in the face of fierce competition in a quickly expanding industry. It laid a powerful foundation for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Annie Moyer

Sun & Moon Yoga

Program #4

Program #4:
Sustain Your Values

Live your value proposition
Lead your industry and the world

Does your organization already have defined values and you want to build them into your DNA?  Maybe you are growing fast or transitioning leadership and want to encode the values that fueled your success. The Values Sustain Program is right for you.

In this ongoing program, teams or organizations learn to live their organizational values.

You learn techniques to align policies to values and habits for living your values daily. 


All participants get a copy of the
Values Sustain curriculum. 

Liz's Photo.jpeg

"The Culture Company's work infused our staff and networks with unity, purpose and connection to our values. The work and my relationship with Alicia changed my life forever. Through it, I saw my own potential and grew as a leader."

Liz Neunschwander

Hispanic Access Foundation

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