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Conscious Creator

Want to be a stronger Conscious Creator at work?

The Conscious Creators Learning Experience, a new training program I am co-leading on values-driven innovation and conscious culture, is now out in the world and is getting amazing feedback:

"This is the best meeting I have ever been to"

"The feedback has been phenomenal"

"I've never seen anything like this"

Check out this fun, fast-paced video on the program (it's just 90-seconds).

The training is being offered through a new company I have launched called Orange Grove Nine (I also continue to lead the Culture Company). My Orange Grove Nine partner is Michael Perman, former executive for Levi's and the Gap.

Based in neuroscience, the Conscious Creators Learning Experience includes 25 flexibility learning modules on five topics:





Creating from Wholeness

We work with you to define your need and then deliver the modules that will best meet your goal. You can also add sessions to apply the skills learned to a specific innovation challenge.

Photo of boys licensed through Shutterstock.

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